About Us

Welcome To Sain Cosmos

We help clients bring the right combination of strategy, experience, design and technology to every aspect of their projects.

Innovative minds - Technical brilliance - Measurable results

We work with leading establishments across the private, public and social sectors. Here our scale, scope, and knowledge gives us to address problems. Other, we have deep practical, functional and industry expertise as well as breadth of geographical scope across the nation. So, we are passionate about taking on great challenges that matter to our Customer and their business also.

Our Approach

SAIN Cosmos pride of highly expert on software development professionals who are giving fully customized and business centralized software that are both high performance and highly tight in security. Our software developers deliver you with highly innovative and value driven software development services. Over the years, we have gained for ourselves the expertise that enables us to provide cutting edge software solutions that suit your business requirements giving you a competitive edge.

Our Methodology

We believe that constructing software should be a learning experience. Every line of code we write should be an example for later developers to be able to design their own code against. Our methodology follows this idea in its obedience to transparency. At any point in the development process, the client should have a complete view into the progress of the project; including entree to the story cards, bug lists and source code. We don’t trust anything good comes from only delivering milestone builds.

What We Do

While we can build or create whatever the client needs, our expertise is in constructing web and mobile applications. This includes constructing websites for desktop and mobile browsers; mobile applications for Android, IOS and Windows Phone. Similarly tablet based solutions. We also have experience constructing cross-platform apps to enable a single code-base to be used to create applications across the phone platforms (including Android and Windows, iPhone, iPad).

Vision and Mission

With a mission to strive our customer expectation by providing high-quality services and products that provide calculated values to our clients. Sain Cosmos is focused on delivering outstanding mobile App solutions for a number of spheres such as retail, education, social networking, communication, business and much more.

Besides that, we deliver the most advanced AR/VR solution to our clients in various industries. We help Startup and Enterprises to convert their ideas into reality. Our skilled design, develop and launch AR/VR  Application Ideas while keeping the cost and timeline constraints in mind.

Our Vision is to improve the efficiency of the delivered solution by providing high-quality software mechanism. Our expert team addresses client challenges with professional consultations that offer optimized decisions and cost-effective reliable solutions.

We have a social motto to make the life of people easier, better and safer with an aim to be known as a symbol of reliability, innovation, and hard work.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud to provide our clients with support to solve your problems and to ensure the continuous networking of your business.

Our company slogan says it all, we will strive and are committed to provide a the maximum level of stability to our clients.

We are a quality & established providing best solutions in IT industry and We provide the affordable IT solutions, expert technicians, friendly knowledgeable support, top-of-the-line hardware and technology to ensure you a successful online presence.
We are highly confident in our promise to serve you better Solutions. Our focus is to build long term relationships with our customers, not simply a quick sale!
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